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    Weekend Schedule
    Practice – 19:00GMT (60 Minutes)
    Qualifying – 20:00GMT (10 Minutes)
    Warm Up – 20:10GMT (5 Minutes)
    Race – 20:15GMT (50 Minutes)

    Server Details
    Name: Atlantic SkullBo GT3 R2 (Password: argon )
    Track: Zandvoort DOWNLOAD
    Cars: Studio 397 GT3 Pack
    Aids: ABS (Low), TC (Medium)
    Damage: 70%


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    Hi, just joined Atlantic Motorsport hoping to join in the league. Am I too late to join? And if not how do I sign up for races?

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    Hi @Ismail, registation you already had done, all cool just check forum Friday to know password for the race weekend, server is open till friday!


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    Server is now passworded,check first post in this page,any dout I’m available on Facebook or Discord,remember to join our TeamSpeak in the race day,is not mandatory but we strongly advise it!

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    We have gotten a report that the fast rolling start might be bugged at Zandvoort. We will do a test start today 5 minutes before qualifying (19:55 GMT) and if it’s indeed bugged we will run a manual formation lap with rolling start. More information on this later today.

    TeamSpeak address: Atlantic Motorsport (push to talk)



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    Procedure – Manual Formation Lap – Rolling start

    Once all drivers are on the grid the timer automatically expires and the starting lights will go green, signifying the beginning of the Manual Formation Lap. During this lap, all cars should maintain a safe speed in single-file order for the entire lap. Use this time to heat the tires, and be aware that other drivers will be weaving and slowing. The race starts at the exit of the final turn so keep it single file until then.

    If you accidentally spin out or wreck on the manual formation lap, you MUST line up at the rear of the field. Please do not pass other cars to re-take your qualified position.

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    Please review first corner crash, that was 100% my fault I guess
    I’m rarely involved in crashes on start as I usually lift and let my car roll waiting for others to brake so I can do it safely. Today right when I released the throttle the cars ahead started braking and that caught me by surprise, tried to brake but was too late. Apologizes for the guy ahead.

    People talk about screen freeze in rF2 and I never had one, today I did lol lucky there was nobody behind me, but I totally lost contact with the car ahead.
    In the end I Had some night fight, but the guy ahead was braking hard in points he should have to, that scared me a bit and the car behind got close, then he passed. After that the guy that was fighting just gave up of his position, why not just do it when I was trying to pass you lol xDD

    Great race anyway, had fun. These cars are nice, this track not so much 😀

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    6. Reporting an Incident
    6.1 No report = no investigation = no penalty
    6.2 An incident report can be made on our Discord server by sending a private message to either ‘Ze Jesus-ATM’ or ‘Martin Vindis-ATM’
    6.3 An incident report must always contain.
    a) The name of the reported driver.
    b) A short description of the incident, without rant.
    c) Lap number and where on track the incident occurred.

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    Atlantic Motorsport News page: (Click on the link)

    Borja Millan won the second round at Zandvoort-Virtual Race Car Engineer GT3 SkullBo Championship

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    sry guys for leaving the server after some race laps.

    i had some lag/stuttering problems from start, later i got a blackscreen from fanaleds plugin.
    better lag next time? 😀

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    Ismail reported that this comb max out his 4GB VRAM so he pulled out on the formation lap due to very bad FPS. If you’re running really high settings that might have happen to you as well if you’re running a <=4GB card.

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